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Kim and Zac at Mark and Dave’s Surf and Yoga Resort Nicaragua

Surf and yoga resort managers, Zac and Kim Hyland, have turned the cliché of living the dream into a reality. When Zac and Kim left New Zealand on their honeymoon more than seven years ago they transferred their individual passions and love for travel into full time jobs.

Kim, a qualified yoga instructor and physical therapist, Zac a Qualified Surf instructor and Chef, have experienced how opportunities have presented themselves to do what they love whilst traveling.

While in London, as the days were getting shorter and darker, they felt the urge to move on. They applied for positions and their first opportunity opened and they were on their way to Morocco.  At Surfmaroc, a Surf yoga travel company, they were able to blend their individual passions with being a part of a successful adventure travel business.  They quickly learned that multi-tasking, from front of house, to behind the scenes, to embracing a foreign culture, was the key to success in this industry.

After Morocco, they worked a yacht to Canary Islands, then on to the US.  Looking for vacation destinations after the US, they found an ad for a variety of positions at a surf resort in Nicaragua.This dynamic duo covered all of the positions and this became their ticket. They arrived in Nicaragua five years ago and it is here where they found their piece of paradise. As resort managers at Mark and  Dave’s they have created a home away from home.

“The biggest joy for us is our guests. We get to meet inspiring people. When they are stoked, we are stoked. There is nothing like sharing our lifestyle of culinary culture, yoga and surfing in paradise with those that visit us. It is a lifestyle!  Every day we are grateful we are living it.  Viva Nicaragua!”